Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer?  Have you ever wondered why so many people you know have been diagnosed or have even died of this horrible disease?  Is there an epidemic going on?

I have certainly wondered about the same things.  I have had too many friends diagnosed with cancer.  I have had too many friends die from cancer and I wanted to do something about it.

This is Melinda Coker and I decided to do the research and write a book to help all of us learn what we can do about this epidemic.

 What Every Woman Should Know!

Health Secrets to Slowing Cancer if You Have It & Preventing Cancer if You Don’t

Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

Inside this book you will discover…

  • Some breakthrough advancements in the understanding of cancer and it’s progression.  Cancers can take many years to grow, but there are ways to stop that growth long before it is ever detected.
  • The twenty-one most common types of cancer and the risk factors associated with each one.
  • How to protect your family from the horrors of cancer by changing your lifestyle.
  • Thirty-three of the most common risk factors for cancer and how they can actually be avoided.
  • How to stop cancer before it takes over your life by learning about some positive results from numerous research studies.
  • How to start “reprogramming” yourself and making changes in your lifestyle.

I am a passionate researcher of health information and an accomplished writer who believes that we can prevent many of the major diseases that affect our lives and the lives of our families.  As a licensed counselor and health coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients helping them gain the skills needed to improve their lives and achieve a renewed feeling of well-being.

Purchase Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection? on AMAZON.  If you prefer an author-signed copy, you may use the credit card payment form on the PURCHASE page.

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